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Episode 1

CARES ACT: Where are we now?

Discuss the CARES ACT, where we are now, the PPP, and the SBA’s EIDL Loan, and make sense of all the acronyms. The sands kept shifting beneath our feet on a daily basis, in this ZipChat we will go over what to focus on now. There were rollout issues, some based on political will, others related to the interpretation of the rules, and yet others related to software rollout. Where are we today, almost a month from then? In a rapid-fire Q &A format, Elizabeth, Bob, Adam will try to answer questions on what has happened, and why, and most importantly what can you do NOW.

Presenters: Bob Wright is an attorney, enterprise strategist, community activist, and teacher. Adam Minow is President of MinowCPA Corporation. He has been a CPA in California since 1995. Elizabeth Pospick, Director Business Advisory Services Group.

Adam Minow

Moderator: Florence Lowe, COO, Synerzip.