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Episode 6

Agile Conference Top 10 of All Time

For the past twelve or so years, Synerzip has participated in the Annual Agile Alliance Agile Conference. After attending each Conference, Synerzip’s co-founders, Hemant Elhence, CEO, and Vinayak Joglekar, CTO has presented their “Top 10 Takeaways” via roadshows to spread their learnings to those who may not be able to make the actual conference.

With 2020 being a crazy COVID-19 year, all of our beloved Conferences are either virtual or canceled all-together, as was the case with AGILE2020 Orlando, sponsored by Agile Alliance.

Join Hemant and Vinayak as we stroll through the years to discover learnings, observations and many changes in our software world.

Subject Matter Experts:

Hemant Elhence, is the Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Synerzip. Started in 2004, Synerzip is a trusted outsourcing partner for Agile software product development. The company was named to the prestigious Inc. Magazine 5000 list for the sixth consecutive year in 2016 highlighting America’s fastest-growing private companies.

Hemant is distinguished by his leadership style, which defines Synerzip’s culture based on the true spirit of Agile and permeates throughout the company, helping lead clients to a competitive edge. Synerzip values innovation and experimentation in an environment of trust.


Vinayak Joglekar, is the Founder and CTO of Synerzip. Vinayak built and scaled Synerzip’s project teams by attracting and retaining top-notch talent in the fiercely competitive market in India. Synerzip’s teams are highly applauded for their work by discerning clients.

Vinayak’s entrepreneurial career started in 1983 after he quit a programmer-analyst position in Alfa-Laval- a Swedish company which is a world leader in Heat Transfer and Separation technologies. Vinayak’s passion for technology skills development drove his ventures in recruitment, training and consulting.

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