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Episode 2

Agile Checklist: Do You Have Everything You Need?

Join Mike Watson, VP Engineering at Synerzip, and Jill Hoersten, Marketing Director at Synerzip, as they discuss the Agile Checklist – a comprehensive list compiled by hundreds of Agile Software Development Engineers.

Find answers to questions like:

  • Do you have all the roles you need to run a successful Agile software development cycle?
  • Do you know the risks you may face if you skip some of these roles?

So join us from your peloton or grab some popcorn on the couch for this interactive ZipChat session. It’s an open mike, so come with your questions for our subject matter expert!

Subject Matter Experts:

Mike Watson, VP Engineering at Synerzip, [email protected]

Mukund Rajamannar, Director of Engineering at Synerzip, [email protected]


Moderator: Jill Hoersten, Director Marketing at Synerzip, [email protected]