A Podcast to get Inspired by the latest and best in technology and agile.

Join us in our journey to explore and get inspired by the latest and best in the world of Agile and Technology. From subject matter experts to agilists, we interview the most learned and experienced leaders in this podcast series. Tune in on your own time whenever and wherever you want, to listen to captivating stories in agile, technology, and software development.

Episode 1 – Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing 101

As information becomes more and more valuable, Deep learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) continue to get the limelight in the world of technology. Our co-host Vinayak Joglekar, CTO at Synerzip, is joined by Krishnaprasad Bhavsar, an AI and NLP expert, to look at the basic concepts and the implementation of DL and NLP. They also discuss an interesting case study on processing more than 200 resumes in less than 60 minutes using neural networks.


Episode 2 – Overengineering and Its Pitfalls in Software Development

Overengineering is a common occurrence in software development where developers are keen on building software that is robust and in sync with the current trends in technology. While the intent is good, it often ends in chaos. Our co-host Vinayak Joglekar, CTO at Synerzip, explores a similar scenario faced by our guest speakers. Tune in to learn what happened.


Episode 3 – Microservices Using Spring Boot and Spring Cloud Part 1

A microservices architecture presents widely acknowledged benefits that are hard to overlook. Research-backed data suggests the tremendous growth of this technology in the foreseeable future. Our co-host Vinayak Joglekar, CTO at Synerzip, picks the brain of our guest speaker, Vaibhav Patil, in a quest to learn about the implementation of microservices using spring boot and spring cloud.