Retrospective On The Practice Of Agile

Retrospective On The Practice Of Agile

Ideas that Stood the Test of Time and Others Not So Much

Some may argue that Agile is dead and not suited for today’s software development environments, but many already practice Agile methodologies without even realizing its form.

This ebook covers our perspective on Agile ideas, through client work and participation in conferences over the last 15 years. We highlight some ideas that are robust, very relevant, and essential but are either missed or ignored. Also showcased are some new and debatable ideas from the early days that have now become widely accepted and adopted. We also touch on ideas that are now defunct but sounded important and interesting at the time.

In this ebook, we cover our observations on four major focus areas:

  • Organization and culture
  • Business agility
  • Agile Methodologies
  • DevOps

Download this ebook to see which ideas continue to accelerate modern software development while others that seemed like revolutionary ideas at the time did not walk the talk.

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