9 Technology IT Trends and Predictions for 2021

2020 was an eye-opener for many tech businesses. Operating models drastically changed, and revenue models turned on their heads. Technologies that usually took a backseat are now more popular than ever. We spoke to more than 170 senior technology leaders across industries in these tumultuous times to find out their outlook, priorities, and focus areas in 2021. This ebook compiles nine insights based on the data from our survey combined with commentary from our leaders. We show how the following nine trends will gain momentum in 2021,

  • Leaders who erstwhile only paid lip-service to Digital Transformation are now getting buy-in and executing these plans. With most of their tech resources operating remotely, this is an added challenge, but it is either adapt or get left behind in today’s new digital age.
  • Explore how remote working will add tangible value to P&L statements and be the norm beyond the pandemic days
  • The hybrid cloud gains more popularity since many are now monetizing their applications themselves.
  • RPA moves beyond simple automation and leverage AI and ML technologies for intelligent automation
  • AI and ML have become a mainstream technology.
  • UX moves front and center with the increasing proliferation of digital channels.
  • Cybersecurity becomes a growing concern that keeps executives up at night with an unexpected savior.
  • Technical debt makes a comeback.
  • Edge computing and IoT move beyond consumer toys to more meaningful applications.

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