Complementary: Interviewing Questions to Find the Right People Team Ownership: How do we help it happen? One of the major keys to Agile success is team ownership. It is not something leaders give teams, it is something they have to take – with a leader’s help.  Team OwnershipHowever, ownership can be easily taken away. We do it in subtle and not so subtle ways. For example, “I’m stuck. I can’t figure this out.” Leaders hear this many times from their team members. And the leader’s immediate response? “Have you tried ___?” We are natural problem solvers and we want to help by finding the solution. However, when you do this, you take ownership away from this person or team. You now own the solution.
In this session, Pollyanna talks about some of the common ways we take away ownership from our teams and how to avoid doing just that. Topics include:

  • Not giving answers
  • Not approving designs
  • Not asking someone to reduce their estimates
  • Assuming an estimate is a commitment.

And there are more! Find out how you can avoid taking away ownership from your team!PollyannaPixtonAbout Presenter: Pollyanna Pixton, Principal, Accelinnova.
Ms. Pixton uses her collaboration and collaborative leadership models to support organizations in creating environments that are highly productive, innovative places encouraging people to contribute their talent and creativity, where new ideas are successfully implemented and sustained. She also directs a think-tank that works to increase collaboration and creativity, developing models of leadership for open environments. This work provides the foundational theories and practices of Accelinnova.
Ms. Pixton is also a co-author of

AgileCulture BookcoverThe Agile Culture: Leading Through Trust and Ownership
Addison Wesley Professional Books
January 28, 2014

Stand Back and Deliver: Accelerating Business Agility
Addison Wesley Professional Books
June 2009
Her specialties include:Leadership Consulting, Business Leadership, Culture Transformation, Agility Methodologies.

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