This webinar discusses the common violations of Scrum tenets. Have you ever heard someone say, “We use Scrum, but …”? It is likely that some fundamental tenet of Scrum is being violated in the name of misaligned management, legacy approach, corporate policy, entitlement, or fill in the blank. ScrumBut is anything that goes against a fundamental tenet of Scrum.
Most companies have some level of ScrumBut as they evolve their development practices for more agility and efficiency.
When teams water down Scrum with ScrumBut, they leave maximum efficiency and hyper-productivity on the table.
This seminar reviews the fundamental tenets of Scrum and introduces the audience to the concept of ScrumBut. The presenter will share his personal observations regarding ScrumBut, specific examples of ScrumBut seen at other companies, and how the team adjusted for positive improvements.
Michael Hall, CEO and Founder of Three Beacons. Michael is a software practitioner (Objective-C and Java) and an early adopter of agile methods since 2000. He is a Certified ScrumMaster trained by Ken Schwaber, one of the inventors of Scrum. Michael has successfully transformed 3 companies to agile methods, resulting in significant improvement in time-to-market and sales. Three Beacons ( is a leading provider of agile training and consulting services.

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