Speaker: John Weber,Mike Mitrione

Streaming live on: 06/10/2020


In January 2020, John Weber, President and CEO at Long Range Systems, LLC, and Synerzip client since 2013, was looking at building a new product for their target market of restaurants, entertainment venues, hospital, and clinics which would enable their clients to even better serve their clients in a seamless, unobtrusive manner that went beyond the ubiquitous LRS pagers that many of us have received from the restaurant host as we waiting our turn for a table at the latest brunch hot spot.

Meanwhile, Mike Mitrione, CTO at ExamSoft and Synerzip client since 2012, was continuing to work with his team to rearchitect and build for scale across all the products at Examsoft.

Two months later with a full-blown pandemic shutting the economy down, both companies had to pivot fast to survive and thrive in a new normal. Check out LRS’ product LRS Connect and contact tracing solution Venu, and Examsoft’s virtual exam monitoring product ExamMonitor.

Our panelists, John Weber and Mike Mitrione, will discuss what they had to do to pivot their product strategy, product roadmap, and marketing and sales strategy to quickly respond to the need of the hour. They will also address how to pivot leadership styles and effectively deliver software products in a whole new paradigm, with a fully remote, WFH team.

Webinar Presenters

John Weber, CEO, LRS

Mike Mitrione, CTO ExamSoft


Florence Lowe, COO, Synerzip

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