This webinar discusses how to do individual performance evaluation in Agile team environment. One of the most controversial topics in Agile is how to measure performance. Since Agile is all about the “team”, the corporate HR performance evaluation system should be restructured around team performance.
The continued use of traditional performance evaluations focused solely on individual performance creates a controversial “chasm” of disconnect for Agile team members.
This seminar discusses the chasm caused by using a traditional performance evaluation system in an Agile environment, how measurements drive behavior, why team measurement is important, what to measure, and what not to measure.
The seminar concludes with the introduction of 6 tangible techniques for performance evaluation of Agile teams and team members. Included in these techniques is the “annual agile performance review”. These techniques can be easily integrated into your existing environment in order to emphasize the expected behaviors of an Agile team based on the fundamental Agile principles.

Presenter: Michael Hall, CEO and Founder of Three Beacons. Michael is a software practitioner (Objective-C and Java) and an early adopter of agile methods since 2000. He is a Certified ScrumMaster trained by Ken Schwaber, one of the inventors of Scrum. Michael has successfully transformed 3 companies to agile methods, resulting in significant improvement in time-to-market and sales. Three Beacons ( is a leading provider of agile training and consulting services.

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