Hear from Jim Smith, Senior VP of Innovation and Trends, from PDX, Inc, as he shares the lessons learned in Agile adoption in their 10+ year journey so far.
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PDX, a 25+ year old company, didn’t always use Agile. The concept was introduced at PDX more than ten years ago. Listen to over 30 lessons learned from a company where Agile contributed to continual and positive growth.

In this webinar, you’ll gain insights on how to effectively adopt Agile,

  • When the teams are geographically distributed, in different time zones
  • When part of your team is from an outsourcing company
  • When your organization is a 25+ year old company with a well defined culture
  • When your company is organized in a classical functional boundaries – Dev, QA, Architecture, Design, DBA, etc.

About Presenter:
Jim Smith is the Senior Vice President of Innovation and Trends at PDX Incorporated.  For eleven years, Jim oversaw software development teams at PDX of many sizes and shapes, eventually making the jump to Agile for all four product lines and all 250 development folks at PDX.  Jim introduced PDX to Scrum ten years ago.  As a full-time employee of PDX Incorporated – a retail pharmacy software company – Jim is not a consultant trying to land his next gig (not that there’s anything wrong with that).  He just likes to share his experiences with the community.
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