This webinar discusses best practices for creating Story Tests (aka Acceptance Tests).

Acceptance Testing, also known as Story Testing, is vital to achieve the Agile vision of “working software over comprehensive documentation.” It’s very important that acceptance tests are easily automated, resulting in a phenomenon you may have heard of, called the “Agile Specification.”
In this informative session, Charles Bradley, Professional Scrum Trainer and Coach, will discuss eight different patterns of expressing acceptance tests so that they are easy to execute and automate. He’ll also talk about popular patterns like Given/When/Then and Specification by Example, as well some other patterns you’ve probably never seen.

Specifically, he will discuss:

  • A Quick Review of User Stories
  • Relevance of Story Tests to the Agile Manifesto
  • The Eight Story Testing Patterns
    • The Four Most Widely Used
    • Two Advanced patterns
    • Two Special Case Patterns

Presenter: Charles Bradley, Professional Scrum Trainer and Coach

  • Professional Scrum Trainer,
  • Founder and Scrum Coach-in-Chief,
  • Experienced Scrum Coach
  • Experienced Scrum Team Member!
  • Started with Scrum in 2008(CSM)
  • 15 years of previous experience as a software consultant (Java, C#, C++)
  • B.S., Computer Science

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