This webinar discusses three organizational change techniques which can help accelerate Agile transformation. In most organizations, adoption of Agile practices comes with a need for significant organizational change. If this organizational change is not handled thoughtfully, it can defeat the entire reason for Agile transformation. Some of the impediments to organizational change include things like functional silos with misaligned metrics, inaccessible customers, need for upfront budget and scope approval, etc.
In most cases, Agile teams and sponsors are not equipped to tackle these impediments effectively. A blended strategy of “Hope and Winging It” is probably going to generate mixed results at best, with the possibility of decelerating or even destroying the Agile Transformation.
But it does not have to be so! With the right training, Agile teams can be equipped with a framework and techniques to remove these impediments. Attend this Webinar to learn about a simple framework for Accelerating Agile Transformation, with practical techniques you can apply the moment you finish the call! You will be introduced to the three useful techniques:

  • Leading Bold Change: A simple 8 Step Change Leadership Model by Harvard Business School Professor and Change Leadership Guru – Dr. John Kotter.
  • Personality Type: The world’s best selling Personality Type Assessment – the MBTI, and how it impacts organizational change.
  • Conflict Resolution: The worlds best selling Conflict Resolution Assessment – the TKI and how it can be used to remove some typical impediments.

Each of the three techniques is described using real-world examples from the presenter’s own practical experience. Each section ends with an introspective challenge to the webinar attendees.

Presenter: ” Ravi Verma – Principal Consultant at SmoothApps is a Certified Scrum Master with 11+ years experience delivering multi-million dollar enterprise class applications in giants like Cisco, Avaya, HP and Siemens. He has also worked at a startup – Voyence (now part of EMC) and in a mid-sized company – Network Associates (now part of Netscout) and is intimately familiar with the challenges of delivering software in companies of different sizes.

Most recently, Ravi was a Program Manager in Cisco’s IP Communication Business Unit and helped with the training, customization and roll-out of Scrum in a hybrid Agile-Waterfall environment. Before joining Cisco, Ravi was a Technical Manager at Avaya and participated in the Agile Transformation of a global engineering team delivering Contact Center Reporting solutions.

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