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What Lean Brings To Product Marketing – Webinar

This webinar discusses application of Lean Principles in Product Marketing.

HTML – What Lean Brings to Product Marketing Transcript

What Lean Brings to Product Marketing (Is it anything new?)

Product marketing management continuously monitors and communicates the competitive space, threats and opportunities for product development, defines the product image, narrative and product positioning in the market, interfaces directly with customers, lost customers, non-customers and competitors’ customers, controls the product “promise” while feeding sales, marketing, customer service, tech support, strategic partners and channel. The product marketing manager is uniquely positioned to gauge reactions to the product and provide valuable feedback for future requirements, revisions and major releases.

This webinar will address:

  • What is Lean Product Marketing?
  • How is Product Marketing Management currently handled?
  • Distinctions between Product Marketing Management And Product Management
  • Strategic vs Tactical implementation
  • Tips and Tricks to Immediately Apply Content Marketing to any endeavor


Cindy F. Solomon hosts the Global Product Management Talk, a top 10 business podcast on the BlogTalkRadio network reaching >30,000 listeners per episode. Solomon founded the Startup Product movement for product excellence and StartupProductAcademy, LLC. Startup Product community, conferences, and educational opportunities facilitate a holistic view of product, a strategic foundation forwarding product leaders using innovative approaches in their organizations and across their careers, with a bias towards action and cross-discipline collaboration. Cindy is a product marketing expert, content marketing & social media strategist, and contributing author to several books, including “42 Rules of Product MarketingGuide to the ProdBOK, and the Product Management & Marketing Body of Knowledge. Solomon brings over 20 years of driving successful product marketing initiatives at enterprise level and early stage software, hardware, web development, services, and software organizations including Apple, Vadem, NetObjects and start-ups in Silicon Valley. She holds CPM/CPMM certification.

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