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Webinar: Building Self Managing Scrum Teams

This webinar discusses how to build self-managing teams in Agile/Scrum context.

We know that self-management is one of the most important elements in successful Scrum Implementations. Self-managing teams identify and remove obstacles, make higher quality decisions and generate fewer escalations to executives. This increases team velocity, reduces time to market and allows executives to focus on strategic problem solving instead of refereeing fights between teams. Your teams may currently be at different levels of self-management. The challenge is figuring out how to chart a path from the current state to the desired state and leading continuous improvement thereafter. Join Ravi Verma as he recollects his experiences as a tourist in Puerto Rico and ties them to a framework for building self-managing scrum teams.

Topics include:

  • Why a vacation in Puerto Rico is better for married bliss instead of a stay-cation in Allen, TX.
  • A simple model to understand the self-management process
  • A quick assessment to identify the obstacles preventing self-management on your teams
  • Four building blocks to methodically remove these obstacles without breaking the bank


Ravi Verma , is the Founder & Org Whisperer at SmoothApps, where he transforms organizations by developing strong teams and inspiring leaders. He has 14+ years of experience in IT Delivery and Consulting and blends best practices from Technology, Entrepreneurship and Leadership to help teams recapture the magic of making software. Ravi has certifications in Scrum, Leading Change, Personality Type and Conflict Resolution. He has a Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering from RVCE and a Masters in Entrepreneurship from SMU.