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Webinar: Agile Adoption Strategies – January 2013

This webinar discusses four typical scenarios of Agile adoption in organizations.

While many organizations are adopting Agile practices, there is a real concern about creating lasting Agile transformation. Organizations need to move beyond superficial practices/ceremonies to a deeper understanding of the essence of Agile – “Being Agile” rather than “Doing Agile”. In this informative session, Don McGreal, VP of Learning Solutions at Improving Enterprises, will explore four levels of agile adoption:

  • Individual Adoption: The mindset of an agile team member and strategies for promoting agile within their team and beyond.
  • Development Team Adoption: Strategies for a team that may not have support from the business and management.
  • Project Adoption: Development and business strategies within an enterprise that may not support agile.
  • Enterprise Adoption: Transitioning an organization from the top-down.

Along the way, we will cover topics such as: non-dedicated teams, matrix organizations, third-party dependencies, scaling agile, regulatory constraints, and any other challenges brought up by participants.


Don McGreal, VP of Learning Solutions at Improving Enterprises
In his role as VP of Learning Solutions at Improving Enterprises, Don McGreal is a hands-on agile consultant and instructor.

As a consultant, he has fulfilled many roles while ensuring that the clients get the most from each engagement: developer, business analyst, and agile coach.

As an instructor and Scrum.org Professional Scrum Trainer, he has authored and taught classes for thousands of software professionals around the globe, specializing in Scrum, Acceptance Testing, Object-Oriented-Design, and Test-Driven Development.

On projects and in the classroom, Don is known for his enthusiasm and dedication. He has published articles for both the Scrum Alliance and the Agile Journal and is co-founder of TastyCupcakes.org, a comprehensive collection of games and exercises for accelerating the adoption of agile principles.