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Topgrading UX with Microservices + DevOps

In November 2017, we did a webinar on “Lean UX + DevOps“. This month, we add an updated version to include product increment validation using microservices architecture and DevOps.

We often hear about Continuous Delivery and we put it into day-to-day software development. Can we make Continuous Delivery pipeline helpful for building an engaging UX?

According to Gartner, a product’s UX is more important than its brand. Containerized microservices using Docker and orchestration tools such as Kubernetes have made it much simpler to deliver a continuous stream of small increments to the product features and functionality. However this advanced capability pays off only when used for building a better UX.

Continuous Delivery Pipeline to Build an Engaging UX Agenda:

  • Benefits of Continuous Deployment in delivering engaging UX
  • Problems with monolithic architecture
  • Use of microservices and containers as a solution

Building UX is a journey of a series of experiments to validate triggers that motivate users to take certain actions and rewards that build habits. In this webinar, we will see how Synerzip’s Continuous Delivery pipeline helps you chart the course of this journey. You will leave the webinar with a more organized picture of why we do DevOps.


Webinar Presenter

Vinayak-Joglekar-Co-Founder-and-CTO-SynerzipVinayak Joglekar is the Co-Founder and CTO of Synerzip. Vinayak built and scaled Synerzip’s project teams by attracting and retaining top-notch talent in the fiercely competitive market in India. Synerzip’s teams are highly applauded for their work by discerning clients.

Vinayak’s strong belief that the Agile process is the best way to address the issues of ambiguous requirements spelt out by uncertain customers in a volatile market led Synerzip to adopt Agile right from its inception. Vinayak was a presenter at the Agile 2008 conference at Toronto and AgileIndia 2018.

Vinayak communicates his vision and thoughts by regularly blogging and tweeting. Vinayak is particularly enthusiastic in training bright minds in the latest in software product delivery. Currently he is busy mentoring DevOps professionals to enable Synerzip’s future teams to be equipped to do continuous delivery for “Lean Start-ups”.

Webinar Moderator

Subu Sankara, VP Software Services, Synerzip.