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How to be an Unofficial Agile Transformation Catalyst

Agile Catalyst Recording

If you’ve been patiently waiting to be part of an Agile team or wishing that your organization was more Agile than it is, it’s time to become an unofficial Agile Transformation catalyst. There’s no reason to wait for somebody else to decide to add more Agile to your life, you can start right now. All you need is passion, patience, and a gentle nudge to get you started. You’ll have to provide the passion and patience, this webinar will provide the nudge in the form of tips and tricks on how to increase your organizations Agility without an official Agile program. Learn how to work in an Agile way within a non-Agile environment, educate others on Agile without the jargon, and encourage the spread of increased Agility without a mandate.

Webinar Presenter

Damon is the founder of Nexxle, a free Ad-hoc Priority Management System for Everyone. He is an entrepreneur and software industry veteran that deeply understands how to create an environment of technology and market innovation that leads to business success. Prior to Nexxle, he was Chief Agilist at Eliassen, where he built the Agile delivery organization from the ground up. At Eliassen he provided executive level coaching to diverse organizations including Fidelity, Capital One, and Oanda. Damon was also the founder, CTO, and initial CEO of AccuRev, a leading Software Configuration Management company acquired by Micro Focus. At AccuRev, he created multiple award-winning products including AccuRev, AccuWork, and AccuWorkflow.

Damon is a past President and Vice President of Agile New England. He has spoken at numerous conferences including Agile and Beyond 2010-2012, Agile DC 2012-2014, Q-Con, Agile 2008-2013, and Agile Development Practices and has trained thousands of people on Agile techniques.

Webinar Moderator

Subu Sankara, Vice President of Software Services, Synerzip.