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Scaling Scrum – Webinar

This webinar is a case-study on scaling scrum to a team of 150 engineers, 6 locations, 3 continents.

OK, so many of your teams know the basics of Scrum, and maybe some of them are even practicing different flavors of it. But now, you would like to scale Scrum with consistency across your entire organization.
Maybe you tried this before and results were underwhelming at best. Or, you’ve heard horror stories from others, and would prefer to avoid becoming one – horror story, that is!
Join Ravi Verma as he recaps key lessons from his recent engagement at a $1B media company where he led an Agile Transformation spanning 3 continents, 6 locations and 150 engineers. Ravi will share what worked and what he would do different, so your teams can learn a few short cuts and deliver more value with less anxiety and frustration.
Topics include: 

  • Where do you begin and organizational Scrum rollout?
  • How do you architect the change and measure progress?
  • How can you handle resistance and foster self-management without degenerating into chaos?
  • How do you measure and continuously improve the process?


Ravi Verma is the Founder and Org Whisperer at SmoothApps where he transforms IT organizations by developing strong teams and inspiring leaders. He has 13+ years of experience in IT Delivery and Consulting and blends best practices from Technology, Entrepreneurship and Leadership to help teams recapture the magic of making IT.
Ravi has certifications in Scrum, Leading Change, Personality Type and Conflict Resolution. He has a Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering from RVCE and will complete a Masters in Entrepreneurship from SMU in December 2012