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Scaling Continuous Integration – Webinar

This webinar discusses how to do stage based continuous integration for large Agile teams.

Continuous Integration is an increasingly popular Agile technique for discovering and fixing problems early. Yet as larger groups start to adopt it, a problem arises. The larger the team and the larger the product, the greater the chance that check-ins across different team members will invalidate each other.
A stage-based continuous integration approach is an extension of the common practice of shielding coding changes across team members by only checking in tested changes and updating workspaces when developers are ready to absorb each other’s changes. Each team performs a team-based integration first, and cross-integrates the team’s changes with the mainline on success. This approach limits project-wide churn and allows scaling to large projects.

Presenter: Chris Lucca, Technical Evangelist, AccuRev. His experience dates back to his days as a build / release specialist and software engineer for IBM-Rational. He has also filled the roles of developer, release engineer and SCM consultant for numerous organizations. In addition Chris is a certified scrum master and a frequent speaker at the AccuRev seminar series.
Now Chris brings the experience and knowledge he has acquired to help keep others in the industry up-to-date on the latest developments, and how they can impact them directly. Todd Little is a Sr. Development Manager for Landmark Graphics Corp. For over 30 years he has been involved in multiple aspects of software development with a focus on commercial software applications for oil and gas exploration and production.