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Scaling and Measuring Agile – Webinar

This webinar discusses the keys to success in scaling and measuring agile methods beyond a single team.

As Agile methods have become common, adoption within a single development team is fairly straightforward. Yet, scaling and measuring Agile methods to larger or multiple teams often proves much more challenging.
In this informative session, Damon Poole, Chief Agilist at Eliassen Group, will cover the keys to success in scaling and measuring Agile methods beyond a single team.
Specifically, he will discuss:

  • The importance of Agile People, Agile Process, and Agile Tools
  • The need to focus on measuring information which aids in decisions and actions.
  • How the frequency of measurement is more important than accuracy
  • Keys to scaling agile including: Agile tooling, test automation, self-healing and self-improvement mechanisms, a true understanding of Agile fundamentals, and one-piece-flow
  • Important elements to measure success including: cycle time, story points forecast vs done, reduction of hardening time, work in progress, Net Promoter Score, and profits

Presenter: Damon Poole, Agile Coach, Chief Agilist at Eliassen Group His twenty years of experience spans the gamut from small collocated teams all the way up 80 team shops doing global development. Damon was President of Agile New England from 2008-2010. He writes frequently on the topic of Agile development, is the author of the web book “Do It Yourself Agile,” and a pioneer in the area of Multistage Continuous Integration and mixing Scrum and Kanban. Damon has spoken at numerous conferences including Agile and Beyond 2010&2011, Agile Business Conference, Q-Con, Agile 2008-2011, and Agile Development Practices and trained nearly a thousand people on Agile techniques. He is also a co-founder and past CEO and CTO of AccuRev where he created multiple Jolt Award winning products including AccuRev and AccuWorkflow.