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Running Microservices on Docker – Webinar

Learn how to build your Microservices Infrastructure based on Docker. Robert Bastian, the Director of Infrastructure from Drillinginfo, will be sharing his experiences and insight in what is required to build such an infrastructure and what problems one could possibly face while doing so.

Robert will share with us the various phases their infrastructure went through, the problems faced during each phase and the solutions they developed to get past them. He will also be sharing how an ideal Docker Infrastructure will look in near future with enhancements coming to Docker itself and Innovations by a third party player.

Robert BastianAbout the presenter:

Robert Bastian is the Director, Platform Architecture at Drillinginfo. He has over 15 years of experience in the Software field and he has played multitude of roles from Developer to Architect to Scrum Master and now to Director of Platform team.

He is currently leading two teams of Platform and “Dev-Ops” engineers. He is responsible for reducing Operations cost by increasing the density of microservices running on AWS by 400%-800% by building a Docker based Infrastructure.