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Role of Architect in Agile – Webinar

The role of “Architect” is sometimes frowned upon in the Agile community; this role is often perceived as a central command-and-control authority who performs large up-front design, generates excessive documentation and bottlenecks decisions. We struggled with the question: is there truly a place for an Architect in an Agile organization? This webinar chronicles one organization’s trial-and-error approach in discovering how to achieve technical alignment across multiple teams while preserving team empowerment.

Chris EdwardsAbout the Presenter:

Chris Edwards, P.Eng. Chris is a software manager with IHS Inc. IHS is a global company with over 8000 employees that provides information and analytics to multiple industries,including energy, automotive, electronics, aerospace and chemicals. Chris has had a variety of roles including developer, manager, Scrum Master and architect. He has a passion for how both technical excellence and transformational leadership can help drive agility. Chris recently co-authored an experience report and presented on it at the Agile 2015 conference in Washington, DC.

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