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Product Portfolio Kanban – Webinar

This webinar discusses Kanban technique for successful Agile adoption organization wide – including upstream and downstream from software development.

Over the last few years, much attention and focus is placed on successfully implementing agile or lean in software development organizations.
However, little attention is paid to the impact and implications of successful, high performing agile/lean teams on the rest of the organization.

Often, these consequences can overshadow the gains made in productivity, quality, and cycle times and lead to an agile transformation failure.

In this webinar, we will briefly look at some of these consequences in a typical organization, and then learn about a new approach to product portfolio management and organizational management known as the “Product Portfolio Kanban”. The Product Portfolio Kanban approach has been shown to maximize the success of an agile development team and avoid organizational tension and breakdown.

Webinar participants will walk away with an overview of the Product Portfolio Kanban process and three key practices that can be implemented to make it successful in their organizations.

Presenter: Erik Huddleston is a visionary software executive with over 15 years experience bringing new and innovative products to market in large multinational companies and high growth startups.
Erik has been an innovative and effective leader in helping transform his engineering teams to Agile practices, resulting in significant and lasting business impact.