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Product Management in an Agile World – Webinar

This webinar discusses the role of Product Manager and Product Owner in an Agile team.

In any organization, when software engineering transforms to an Agile methodology, big changes are in store for Product Managers. Quite often, even the role of the Product Manager becomes less clear. The planning process becomes a regular occurrence instead of a once-a-year event. The requirements process morphs from lots of documentation up front to continuous conversations and progressive elaboration.

All of these changes can wreak havoc on a Product Manager’s schedule and can blur the lines of responsibility beyond recognition.

In this webinar, we will discuss common challenges of Product Managers in an Agile software engineering environment.

During  this 1 hour webinar, you will learn:

  • How to recognize key Agile challenges for Product Managers and clarify their role in Agile teams.
  • How to answer “What are you going to deliver, and when will it be ready?”
  • Ideas on organization models and their fit to Agile.
  • Tips on defining the right level of requirements, granularity and priority.
  • How to adapt Agile Product Management to global distributed teams.
  • Common pitfalls and how to avoid them.


Paul Brownell is an experienced software executive and practitioner of Agile methods since 2001. As Product Line Director at BMC Software, Paul led several SCRUM teams distributed across India, Israel, and the United States. Among these was the project highlighted in Dean Leffingwell’s book “Scaling Software Agility: Best Practices for Large Enterprises.” Paul is a regular host of Agile Austin Ask an Expert meetings in Austin, TX.

Hemant Elhence is CEO of Synerzip. Prior to Synerzip, Hemant was Product-line Vice President at i2 Technologies and Manager at McKinsey & Co.