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Mobile Development: HTML5 Vs. Native – Webinar

This webinar discusses Native vs. HTML5 vs. Hybrid mobile development.

Are you thinking about building a mobile application and wondering whether you should go with HTML5 or build a native version? HTML5 for mobile application development holds the promise of true cross-platform code – write once and run on all mobile devices. This seems pretty attractive to most decision makers, as it promises to offer faster time to market along with lower lifetime cost for maintenance and support. On the other hand, you may be concerned whether HTML5 version will indeed deliver the quality and performance of user experience that is so critical for your application’s market success. For these considerations, building native version might seem more appropriate. So what should you really do? This webinar will help you sort thru this dilemma.

Specifically, in this webinar we will cover following key topics.

  • Alternative approaches for developing mobile applications – Native, HTML5, and Hybrid
  • Pros and cons of each approach
  • When to go for HTML5 or Hybrid approach and when not to
  • Recommended tools for HTML5 and Hybrid development


  • Rohit Ghatol, is Director of Engineering at Synerzip. He is always exploring bleeding edge technologies and constantly evaluating where they are heading.
  • Talking on technical forums about various technologies is a passion for him. Rohit also heads TechNext (http://meetup.com/technext) and Pune GDG (http://meetup.com/pune-gdg). These have been running successfully for over a year and half.
  • Last year he co-authored the book “Beginning PhoneGap” which covers cross-platform mobile application development using HTML5 and hybrid technologies.