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Measuring Economic Impact – Webinar

This webinar discusses how Agile facilitates measuring and maximizing ROI for business.

Traditionally, organizations have measured their software development efforts solely in terms of process efficiency or technology throughput delivered. When teams introduce Agile methods, they are suddenly able to measure their efforts from a broader business perspective – such as impact to the top and bottom line.

In this informative webinar, Damon Poole of AccuRev will review areas that development teams should consider to evolve their thinking toward a more economics-based framework.
Specifically, he will cover:

Agile’s economic benefits, such as better predictions of the value of software and speed to market

  • Approaches to gauge the full cost of development within an Agile environment
  • How to use Agile methods to validate prioritization of the highest-value functionality
  • How to optimize your development process from an economic perspective

Presenter: Damon Poole is the founder and CTO of AccuRev, a leading provider of Agile tools. He has 20 years of methodology and process improvement experience, running the gamut from small teams to 10,000-person global development shops. Damon is a Certified Scrum Master and writes frequently on the topic of Agile development with an emphasis on Multi-Stage Continuous Integration. His “Do It Yourself Agile” blog is at damonpoole.blogspot.com; follow him on Twitter at Damonpoole.