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Lifecycle of a User Story – Webinar

Webinar Transcript – Lifecycle of User Story

As humans we experience life cycle stages such as conception, birth, growth, maturity, and end-of-life. We can use this human life cycle analogy to better understand the User Story technique and how user stories morph over time during the project.

Some user stories are forced to grow up quickly, in support of kicking off sprint 1. Some grow at a steady pace and eventually mature as part of the product at some point in the future. Others just never seem to grow up!

The presenter uses a real-world product example from a recent product launch to enhance the life cycle phases discussed.

Michael HallPresenter: Michael Hall, CEO and Founder of Three Beacons. Michael is a software practitioner and team leader, Certified Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Product Owner, and an early adopter of Agile methods since 2001. Three Beacons is a leading provider of agile training and consulting services. See www.threebeacons.com for a complete description of Agile training courses available.