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Lean with MEAN – Webinar

The Lean Startup method for launching a new product or business generates close market alignment thru rapid experimentation cycles. The idea is to identify target user personas, and validate using empirical data, their unmet need and how our product/solution fits that need. The learning from each experiment is incorporated into the product. These iterative experiments become progressively more sophisticated until we finally arrive at a Minimum Viable Product.

Lean Startup method requires a full-stack application that not only supports the rapid pace of software development, but can also scale to support concurrent delivery of the feature set to a large user base. MEAN technology stack (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS and Node) is the new kid on the block that appears to fit this bill very well. It is a best-of-breed combination of proven JavaScript tools that are light-weight, support rapid feature development and have the ability to scale horizontally.

MEAN represents a group of technologies that are known to synergize well together. This facilitates quick turnaround from idea to first demo, and also scales when required. MEAN technologies also have much community support; therefore, finding answers to questions or hiring help is much easier.
The webinar will walk you through the typical lifecycle of a lean startup, the requirements from the software stack at each stage, and how the MEAN stack is helpful to the startup.

MayureshPradkeV2Presenter:- Mayuresh Phadke is a Software Architect at Synerzip.
At Synerzip, Mayuresh works with early stage startups to help build out their products from scratch. He trains developers on Javascript technologies like AngularJS and ExpressJs.
Before Synerzip, Mayuresh worked as Director Engineering at PubMatic. Previously he did his own startup for the co-operative credit societies sector.
Mayuresh has an M.Tech in Computer Science from IIT Bombay.