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Lean Start Up – Webinar

This webinar discusses how to leverage lean practices in start ups & large organizations.

Start up ventures today are moving quickly. Leveraging agile and lean practices, they are rapidly building and validating not just to build things right, but more importantly to build the right thing. This challenge, of precisely knowing what the market wants, is the key challenge that the lean start up seeks to address using techniques like continuous delivery, validated learning and pivots.

However, while these practices have been honed by the start up community, they are not just for new ventures.
This session will explore the basics of the lean start up and show how larger organizations are beginning to use these same techniques. We’ll look at ways to set up safe experiments and establish actionable metrics. These practices are an invaluable addition to any product development team looking to improve their ability to learn from the market place and build solutions more suited to their current and future customers.

Brian is a Principal Agile coach for BigVisible. He is a passionate advocate of continual learning and improvement for individuals, teams and organizations. With a background working for large corporations, he is proficient coaching at different levels within organizations to bridge the gap between technology and business.
He has experience using numerous process improvement techniques including Scrum, eXtreme Programming, Kanban, and Agile project management. His style is to pragmatically engage with a client and help them where they are rather than impose a standard solution upon them. He is always seeking opportunities to gain more insights into the fields of project management and product development to better serve his clients.
His past experience includes working as a developer, business analyst and project manager. Brian attended Bentley college for his BA in CIS and then received his MBA from BostonCollege. He lives in Brookline, MA with his family.