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Hadoop or Hadon’t: Snowflake is an Alternative

Until now, many people have used Hadoop for its advantages. However, developers and users are realizing that Hadoop has its limitations. It cannot combine all data effectively and provide performance with ease of use. Customers are deploying modern alternatives like Snowflake to combine semi-structured (JSON, AVRO, XML) and structured data effectively, and provide quicker and easier access to data for the Analyst community.

However, the advantages of Snowflake go further:

  • Allows customers to ingest and query semi-structured data effectively using SQL, making it easy for analysts to use, rather than be dependent on development of complex MapReduce tasks
  • No need for managing the environment and security because of the cloud native nature of the Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse service
  • Allows developers and analysts to use JDBC, ODBC, R and Python to develop application on top of Snowflake

saqib_mustafaAbout the presenter:

Saqib Mustafa, Director Product Marketing at Snowflake Computing


Saqib Mustafa currently works as Director Product Marketing, at Snowflake. He has held various responsibilities in the past, including Cloud Data Warehouse Sales Partner for North America, Program Sales Manager for Storage, Server, Virtualization, Cloud Product Manager and Data Center Products, and Professional Services delivery. He has also enjoyed experience in various organizations like Teradata, CDW, Shell Oil worldwide.