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Grassroots Kanban – An Evolutionary Approach to Change

Many organizations are unaware of the benefits of Kanban. DrillingInfo was one of these companies. Using LKU’s techniques and approach to evolutionary change has created a revolution in the organization. 

Starting with one Kanban team, lead times, graphs, and slide decks has led to a viral adoption of Kanban that has reached the desk of the CTO, President and COO. This session will share the case study of a Kanban transformation of DrillingInfo a $100 million private technology energy company and what techniques were used to drive influence to change.

About the Presenter: Jay Paulson, Kanban Coach, Drillinginfo

Jay PaulsonJay is a Software Development Manager at Drillinginfo. He has been in software development for over 15 years. Early he realized that it was very difficult to create high quality software quickly. 7 years ago he found Kanban and has been hooked since. He has implemented Kanban for 5+ years at several different companies such as IBM, eBay, startups, and large private companies such as Drillinginfo.

His open source application, LeanSheets, has had a direct impact on the adoption of Kanban across organizations showing what can be learned from lead time data. The data and visualization has helped Jay lead the Kanban transform at Drillinginfo in all levels of the company. He is looking forward to showing the company how it can help in other areas as traction is still gaining throughout Drillinginfo through his monthly corporate wide Kanban training sessions.