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Getting Started with DevOps – Webinar

This webinar focuses on DevOps Life Cycle and Popular DevOps tools and how they work together.

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Getting Started with DevOps
In the world of Continuous Delivery, Big Data and Software as a Service, one thing is common they ride on the back of something called “DevOps”. DevOps is an essential piece of the puzzle when it comes to achieving faster time to market, more robust deployments, better SLAs and stress free release cycles. Dev + Ops = DevOps

In this Webinar we will look at key things in “Continuous Delivery” concept and which areas DevOps fulfills. We will see why Big Data needs DevOps from Day One.The Webinar will focus on DevOps Life Cycle and Popular DevOps tools and how they work together.

Rohit Ghatol, Director of Engineering, Synerzip. He is a Technology Evangelist and has been a Technical Speaker at number of conferences.
His expertise includes Mobile Development, HTML5, Cross Platform Mobile Application Development and traditional JEE. His Recent focus is on Big Data, DevOps, NodeJs, NoSQLs and Hadoop 2.0 stack. He was architecting Big Data and DevOps Solutions for Oil and Gas Industry. In this presentation he would be sharing his experience when working on a Big Data Project and how DevOps was used from Day One.
While he was working in India, he was running two Tech meetups (TechNext and Pune-GDG)
Twitter – @rohitghatol
Youtube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/user/rohitssghatol
Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/rohitghatol
HomePage/Blog – http://rohitghatol.com