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From Hadoop to Spark – Webinar

Spark is an up-and-coming distributed computing platform in Big Data and it has a lot of momentum going for it. The venerable platform for Big Data is Apache Hadoop — deployed widely and scalable to Petabyte data sizes.
So can the new-comer Spark be a viable replacement for Hadoop? Should you skip Hadoop and go to Spark?
from-Hadoop-to-SparkIn this talk, the presenter will walk you through a case study of moving from Hadoop to Spark. We will compare Hadoop and Spark side by side and highlight their strong points and disadvantages. And present a balanced assessment of which platform might be better for specific needs.

MarkKerznerAbout the presenter: Mark Kerzner is the Co-founder of Elephant Scale – a Big Data training and consulting company.

He also is the co-author of an open source book “Hadoop Illuminated”, http://hadoopilluminated.com/, and Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 12.39.05 PM“HBase Design Patterns”.

He is the author of “FreeEed”, an open source platform for eDiscovery based on Apache Hadoop.

Mark knows about 10 languages, is a Mensa member, and writes “Talmud Illuminated” blog (http://mkerzner.blogspot.com).


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