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Elephants in the Agile Room – Webinar

This webinar discusses reflections on last 10 years of Agile adoption and practice.

An “Elephant in the room” is an English metaphorical idiom for an obvious truth that is being ignored or goes unaddressed. The idiomatic expression also applies to an obvious problem or risk no one wants to discuss. What are some of the Elephants in the Agile Room?

Last year on the 10th anniversary of the penning of the Agile Manifesto, a group of Agile thought leaders met at the Lodge at Snowbird to celebrate and reflect on 10 years of Agility. During the morning of reflection, David Andersen noted that there was an elephant in the room that was not being discussed–notably the role of the Agile Alliance.

There was some debate over whether this was really an elephant, and it got some people thinking about what some of the other elephants might be. While some of the group went off for an afternoon ski, a small group gathered and decided to go hunting for elephants. What emerged was a healthy list of potential elephants that deserve more attention in the agile community.

Presenter: Todd Little is a Sr. Development Manager for Landmark Graphics Corp.

For over 30 years he has been involved in multiple aspects of software development with a focus on commercial software applications for oil and gas exploration and production.
He has been a leader in the agile community and was on the Board of Directors for the Agile Alliance from 2004-2010. In 2003, he co-founded the Agile Development Conference, and served as the Program Director for ADC2004, Agile2005 and Agile2006. He was Co-Program Chair for Agile2011.
He is a co-author of the “Declaration of Interdependence for Agile Project Leadership” (www.pmdoi.org) and a founding member and past President of the Agile Project Leadership Network (APLN).