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Docker Containers for Continuous Delivery – Webinar

Looking for continuous delivery options that are also cloud agnostic? Docker could be your answer.

Docker creates a portable package that can be deployed seamlessly to Google Cloud, AWS and Microsoft. It also empowers several rapid application frameworks like MEAN stack and Microservices. This webinar answers some of your basic questions about Docker and gives you an overview of how to setup Docker for Continuous Delivery. We will also touch upon more advanced topics like Cloud Portability, Microservices deployment and MEAN stack enablement.

rohit-ghatol-100x100About the presenter:
Rohit Ghatol, Director of Engineering, Synerzip. He is a Technology Evangelist and has been a Technical Speaker at number of conferences.
His expertise includes Mobile Development, HTML5, Cross Platform Mobile Application Development and traditional JEE. His Recent focus is on Big Data, DevOps, NodeJs, NoSQLs and Hadoop 2.0 stack. He was architecting Big Data and DevOps Solutions for Oil and Gas Industry. In this presentation he would be sharing an Basic Introduction to Docker plus how it helps in Continuous Delivery.
While he was working in India, he was running two Tech meetups (TechNext and Pune-GDG).