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Design Sprint Process

Learn the Design Sprint process from Douglas Ferguson, professional facilitator, and president of Voltage Control. The Design Sprint is a method for answering big questions quickly.

design-sprint-processIt’s the greatest hits of design thinking, Lean Startup-style business strategy, innovation, behavioral science, and more, packaged into a battle-tested method any team can use.

In this webinar, Douglas will rapidly lead you through all five stages of the Design Sprint process, teaching how the various steps fit together and why and how they work. You’ll learn tips and tricks for facilitating a Design Sprint (whether it’s your first or 101st) and for incorporating these techniques into normal meetings.

There will be plenty of time for Q&A, so you can learn from Douglas’ experience running many Design Sprints with teams at Google and some of the world’s most exciting startups, from consumer to enterprise, from hardware to software, and in fields from healthcare to retail to robotics to agriculture.


Webinar Presenter

Douglas_FergusonDouglas Ferguson is the founder and president of Voltage Control, workshop agency specializing in Design Sprints and innovation workshops. Prior to founding Voltage Control, Douglas was CTO of Twyla, Google Ventures-backed art marketplace. At Twyla, Douglas conducted numerous Design Sprints including several with members of the Google Ventures Design team, authors of the book Design Sprint. Outside of work, Douglas is usually patching up his modular synthesizer, playing guitar, boxing, doing pilates, or taking photographs. He is a graduate of Virginia Tech.


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