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Cross Platform Mobile App Development – Webinar

This webinar discusses alternative approaches for efficiently building mobile apps for popular platforms (iPhone, Android, etc).

Worldwide adoption of smart phones is growing rapidly and along with that growing even more rapidly is the proliferation of operating systems available on these smart phones.
These mobile operating systems – including Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian, webOS, and Windows Phone 7 – are evolving feverishly. In any given quarter you can have any one of them start appearing to gain ground on the others.

This flux in mobile OS platforms is a real challenge for mobile application developers. Developers need to make decisions on how to develop software to minimize the need to re-write separate code for each of these platforms and then to have to maintain and evolve each of these code bases separately. With six major mobile platforms to cater to and increasing pressure to launch early to market, mobile application developers must adopt Cross Platform Mobile Application techniques. By adopting these techniques they can effectively reduce time-to-market, efficiently use their development resources, and reduce their delivery risks.

In this session, Rohit Ghatol, mobile software architect, will introduce the topic of Cross Platform Mobile App Development. Specifically, he will discuss the following.

  • Pros and cons of different strategies for developing mobile applications.
  • Leading choices for cross platform mobile application development. While there are many frameworks for cross platform application development, we will discuss two leading frameworks namely PhoneGap and Titanium Mobile.

Presenter: Rohit Ghatol works for Synerzip, a leading Agile Software Development Partner for small/mid-sized technology companies. He is an Associate Architect working with Synerzip client QuickOffice. Rohit is currently helping build the SaaS platform (on Cloud) for QuickOffice. Before this he lead Web 2.0 effort for Pavilion (Rockwell Automation) and was part of OpenSocial team at Google.Rohit’s areas of expertise are Web 2.0, Android, Cross Mobile/Desktop Platform Products and Cloud Computing. Rohit is a regular presenter and thought leader at various technical forums and conferences including IndicThreads and CSI Pune. Rohit is also the manager for Pune Google Technology User Group.