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Critical Agile Practices, Nuanced Techniques


Five techniques that can make our teamwork and our teams dramatically more effective. The nuances I almost never see teams doing (and that have made my teams much more effective) that I coach my own teams in. I’m an engineering-team and engineering-organization fire-jumper. This is stuff that works for me.

I’ve not only seen these techniques work with my teams but… I’m also the co-author of the Study of Product Team Performance, in which correlations from the thousands of respondents on product teams all over the world have validated the universality of the nuances of two of the techniques I’ll be sharing.

The first four techniques are pretty easy and pretty simple. I’ve been teaching and coaching managers and teams in all five for 15 years. It’s time they get wider visibility, and a wider swath of teams and managers get a shot at leveraging them.


Ron Lichty has been transforming chaos to clarity and making software development “hum” for most of his 25 years. He does software engineering management consulting for business, product, and engineering leaders in companies of all sizes. He’s been a champion of development best practices industry-wide for decades, and training and coaching teams and executives in agile mindset and practices for over a decade.


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