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Covid19 Impact on Your Product Strategy

Many of us have spent the first few weeks of this crisis focused on (worried about) our people, our teams, and the economic impact of COVID-19 on our companies. And that’s appropriate. But now many of us in product or development organizations are shifting attention to how this crisis changes priorities and product plans. It presents an opportunity to ask what’s suddenly different for our users or customers, how we can serve them better right now, and ways we can react that build loyalty. Rich will talk through some examples of shifting needs and short-term crisis adjustments.



Rich MironovRich Mironov is a 35-year veteran of Silicon Valley tech companies. He coaches product executives, parachutes into companies as the interim VP of Product Management, and was the ‘product guy’ or CEO at six start-ups. Rich’s long-running blog (www.mironov.com) covers software, start-ups, product strategies, and the inner life of product managers. He is the author of “The Art of Product Management” (2008) and organized the first Product Camps.


Mike WatsonMike WatsonVP Engineering at Synerzip, is a veteran engineering leader with over 15 years of experience leading software teams. Mike’s passion is in helping software product development organizations transition into strong Agile practices and cultures within. He has experience working with large and medium public companies (such as Motorola and Tangoe), as well as mid-to-late stage startups (such as 4thpass, Solbright and Quintessent). Mike has been fortunate to work with a few of the leading minds in modern agile process development.

Mike’s technical specialties include Kanban/Scrum, highly scalable enterprise software, SaS/Cloud compliance, Application Security, System Integration and Mobile Commerce.