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Collaborating with Non-Collaborators

How can we deal with non-collaborators?  We aren’t going to get the chance to change them, but we might be able to work with them – or, work around them.  How do we know?  This webinar looks at how to identify a non-collaborator, who can be a leader, a team member, a team or a process.  We then look at the system in which a non-collaborator works: their success factors; what motivates them; how they are measures, recognized and rewarded; their fears, hot buttons and hidden agendas.  Next we assess similar concerns for ourselves an evaluate our risks in dealing with this non-collaborator, and finding out if we want to take that risk.

Using a trust and ownership model, we map traits of non-collaborators into this framework.  Working with each section of the model, we look at tools and techniques to deal with each type of non-collaborator in the model.  Finally, we discuss options if all else fails and you must work around your non-collaborator.

About the Presenter: Pollyanna Pixton, Author and Principal at Accelinnova

Ms. Pixton uses her collaboration and collaborative leadership models to support organizations in creating environments that are highly productive, innovative places encouraging people to contribute their talent and creativity, where new ideas are successfully implemented and sustained.  She also directs a think-tank that works to increase collaboration and creativity, developing models of leadership for open environments.  This work provides the foundational theories and practices of Accelinnova.

Ms. Pixton is also the co-author of The Agile Culture: Leading Through Trust and Ownership, Addison Wesley Professional Books, January 28, 2014 and Stand Back and Deliver: Accelerating Business Agility, Addison Wesley Professional Books, June 2009.