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Building Single Page Applications – Know the Ecosystem – Webinar

This webinar discusses technology frameworks recommended approach for building Single Page web applications.

HTML – Building Single Page Applications Webinar Transcript

Single Page Application is a new way of developing highly immersive web application that

fits on Single Page, which a single goal of providing a more fluid user experience much similar to a desktop application. SPA are becoming the norm of the day when it comes to developing Responsive Web Applications or Hybrid Mobile Applications.

In this Webinar, we will explore what goes into building a Single Page Application and the ecosystem around it. We will be looking at different aspects of Single Page Applications and how they fit together. We will also explore a few of the popular frameworks with respect to what help they provide when building Single Page Applications. Last but not the least we will be talking about building “Large Scale” SPAs.

Rohit Ghatol, Director of Engineering Synerzip, has been working in the world of Single Page Application since 2006. He is a Technology Evangelist and has been a Technical Speaker at number of conferences in India. His expertise includes Mobile Development, HTML5, Cross Platform Mobile Application Development and traditional JEE. Currently Rohit is exploring NodeJs, NoSQLs and Hadoop 2.0.
While he was working in India, he was running two Tech meetups (TechNext and Pune-GDG)

Sponsored by: Synerzip and AgileDFW