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Building Great UX with a Remote Team

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An engaging User Experience (UX) is a must for your product success. Until recently, building great UX was considered possible only with a highly collaborative and collocated – that is, in the same conference room – team. In this webinar, we will share real client real experiences to prove otherwise. With great collaboration tools and highly talented UX professionals in our India team, we have been able to deliver great UX results for our clients.
Join us to know how UX delivery can be made more efficient using optimal process, chaining of tools, and design validation. See how we do UX improvements to justify the investment. We’ll wrap up with a quick panel discussion with product executives from PDX and SnapXEats talk about their UX journey with Synerzip.



Webinar Presenters/Moderators

Join Vinayak Joglekar (Co-Founder & CTO) along with Amit Bakore (Director of Product Management and UX) in our interactive webinar. The panel will discuss efficiently delivering UX solutions to elevate the experience of real business applications.Vinayak Joglekar, Co-Founder & CTO, Synerzip Amit Bakore, Synerzip