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Building a Self-Sustaining Agile Organization: A Leadership-Driven Approach

Great attention has been placed on transitioning organizations towards Agile values, principles and practices, but what can we do today to ensure that these gains are sustainable well into the future? How do we ensure that Agile values become embedded in the identity of our organizations, more than just a passing fad? Sean Dunn explores how we can “widen the aperture” beyond individual teams and the short term, and look towards building great organizations well into the future. To do this, Sean leverages his 13 years in the Canadian Army to translate lessons in building sustainable organizations – and along the way, questioning a few Agile practices.

Sean DunnAbout the Presenter: Sean Dunn, CD, P.Eng, PMP at IHS Inc. is an internal enterprise agile coach with IHS Inc, working locally in Calgary. IHS is a global company with over 8000 employees that provides information and analytics to multiple industries, including energy, automotive, electronics, aerospace and chemicals. Prior to joining IHS, Sean worked in the defence industry, including working on the ground-control software for the US Army’s unmanned aerial vehicles. Sean has 13 years as an Officer in the Canadian Army Reserve, and has deployed to Afghanistan, and likes to point out that the military is far more Agile than is often assumed. Sean has spoken at several Agile conferences, including the Global Scrum Gathering New Orleans, Agile India, and co-authored an experience report for Agile 2015. He has a strong interest in the relationship between Agile and leadership.