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Breaking Down Epics – Webinar

This webinar discusses techniques for breaking down epics to smaller stories.

In a previous session we discussed Epic User Stories and their role in healthy agile planning and estimation. In this follow-up session we examine some guidelines and best practices for breaking down Epic User Stories into smaller User Stories. We’ll briefly review why Epics are an important tool to Product Owners, the timing of breaking down Epics, who is accountable and responsible, and finally some suggestions on how to break them down effectively.

Presenter: Gary is a Principal Consultant with Improving Enterprises. He entered the craft in 1986 and has played roles from Analyst Programmer to educator to CIO. Gary’s passion is centered in forming and nurturing high-performance teams, and he has found agile methods to be the perfect companion. Being an old fogey, he is witnessing the pendulum swinging back to the simpler, common-sense methods that prevailed when our industry was newer and it was fun to solve our friends’ problems with shiny new technology. His appreciation for technical excellence and higher thinking formed during his time at ObjectSpace, where he met the founders of Improving. Gary is an experienced Certified ScrumMaster and possesses strength in product, project, and requirements management. He most often fills the role of agile coach/mentor, which allows him to leverage his skills in training, team development, and agile adoption.