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Botnet Detection and Countermeasures

Why Cybersecurity should be on your mind!

Botnets are surprisingly simple to deploy and can bring about dangerous outcomes for businesses. It’s one of the primary reasons Synerzip_Botnet-Graphic_v02 copycybersecurity is on the minds of software product development companies.

While this trend has elevated both the visibility and dangers of code vulnerabilities, we still see software product development firms lagging in protecting their own infrastructure. The need for a hardened development environment is key since the implications are far-reaching, from IP compromise to ransomware that can effectively lock you out of your own code repository. The impact can potentially put several man-years worth of effort at risk.

Join Kiran Ratnakar as he does a deep dive into botnets as one of the threats in today’s cybersecurity landscape. Since botnets are stunningly simple to deploy and mostly fly undetected by traditional countermeasures like anti-virus and malware scans, they can bring about deadly outcomes. Botnets do this not just through their own actions, but also by bringing the firewall down through internal DDoS. This opens the doors for other malware. Kiran runs Synerzip’s hardened development environment and brings battle-tested advice on how to quickly detect and shut down botnets within your network and how to avoid being a target in the first place.