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Blockchain Application Development 101

Blockchain, in its most simplified definition, is a shared ledger for recording the history of transactions that cannot be altered.  A blockchain is a ledger of records arranged in data batches called blocks that use cryptographic validation to link themselves together. Put simply, each block references and identifies the previous block by a hashing function, forming an unbroken chain, hence the name.

But what does all this mean?  Join Glenn Jones, Global Product and R&D Executive with Sweetbridge, Inc, and Synerzip as we explore the following:

  • What are the common characteristics of business problems that lend themselves well for blockchain use?
  • What does appropriate modeling real world business problems on blockchain solution architecture look like?
  • What is the role of various blockchain constructs:
    • Smart contracts
    • Distributed ledger
    • Cryptocurrency?
  • How do you pick the right blockchain technology platform?  Do you use Hyperledger or Ethereum or Nuco or something else?
  • And lastly, understand the “off-chain” vs. “on-chain” development team.

Webinar Presenters

Glenn Jones, Global Product and R&D Executive, Sweetbridge, Inc.

Glenn is a Global Product Executive with a proven track record of growing businesses by building and leading product management/marketing and R&D organizations to define, develop, position, and sell highly innovative and high value enterprise solutions delivered in the cloud.


Ken Staker, Vice President of Product Development, Sweetbridge.

Webinar Moderator

Hemant Elhence, Co-Founder and CEO, Synerzip.