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Architecture in an Agile World – Webinar

This webinar discusses how to handle architecture and design in an Agile environment.

So we now acknowledge that complete upfront requirements is an impossible mission. Agile approaches have emerged as a way to manage the creation of systems that can never be completely defined and are certain to change. But what about architecture and design for these systems? How much is the right amount? How do you plan for emergent design? What is the architect’s role on an agile project?Join Don McGreal as he examines these questions and more in this deep dive into architecture in an agile world.


Topics include:

  • Role of the agile architect
  • Agile design
  • Keeping change easy
  • Reducing technical risks
  • Capturing non-functional and technical requirements and constraints
  • Dealing with technical debt
  • Addressing architectural concerns within the Scrum framework
  • Tests – They’re not just for finding bugs
  • Architecture anti-patterns

Presenter: In his role as VP of Learning Solutions at Improving Enterprises, Don McGreal is a hands-on agile consultant and instructor.
As a consultant, he has fulfilled many roles while ensuring that the clients get the most from each engagement: developer, business analyst, and agile coach.
As an instructor and Scrum.org Professional Scrum Trainer, he has authored and taught classes for thousands of software professionals around the globe, specializing in Scrum, Acceptance Testing, Object-Oriented-Design, and Test-Driven Development.