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Webinar: Agile2019 Top 10 Take-Aways

We Bring You On-Demand Agile2019 Top 10 Take-Aways! Make the most of it.

Couldn’t be a part of the AGILE2019 North American Agile tribes in Washington DC this year Aug 5-9? You won’t want to miss this webinar.

Synerzip’s Co-Founders, Hemant Elhence, CEO, Vinayak Joglekar, CTO, and Florence Lowe, COO, Mike Watson, VP Engineering have attended many of the sessions and will bring the key takeaways directly to you, as they have been doing it over the years.

This is the world’s largest Agile conference. The 18th annual Agile conference organized by Agile Alliance in North America that brought together an international community of enthusiastic Agilists and a die-hard number of those who wish to benefit from Agile principles. Attendees from 40 countries attended this year Agile2019 making it the world’s largest Agile conference.

Webinar Presenters

Synerzip’s Vinayak Joglekar, Co-Founder & CTO, Florence Lowe, COO, and Mike Watson, VP Engineering.

Vinayak Joglekar, Co-Founder & CTO, SynerzipFlorence Lowe, COO, SynerzipMike Watson


How can Synerzip Help You?

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