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Agile Vital Signs – Webinar

When a doctor is assessing the health of a person they check their vital signs. Is their pulse higher or lower than expected? How is their blood pressure, etc. But what are the vital signs of a healthy Agile adoption? Is the existence of a meeting with the name of “stand-up” a healthy sign? Is the fact that tasks are now called “stories” a healthy sign?

In this session we’ll learn a wide variety of Agile vital signs covering the four standard Scrum meetings, look at examples of healthy and unhealthy vital signs, and discover how to set up and manage a program to monitor the vital signs.Some examples of Agile vital signs: the combination of a card wall with a burnup or burndown chart, having shippable software every iteration, and accomplishing at least one action item out of every retrospective every iteration.

Damon PoolePresenter: Damon Poole, Chief Agilist, Eliassen Group

Damon Poole is an Agile Coach and Trainer who specializes in helping companies find and implement their ideal way of working in order to increase profits and find and serve new markets faster.  His specialties include: AgileDevelopment, Software Configuration Management, Software Development automation, Lean Transformation.

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